How to Create And Communicate Your Acquisition Strategy

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Let’s face it, innovating is hard. Not only is it hard it’s also expensive, time consuming and full of risk. For many large organizations facing up to these realities can be gut-wrenching, especially if your competitor already has a head start. For this and other reasons exploring an acquisition rather than building something in house […]


5 Proven Steps to Creating Your Own Blue Ocean Strategy

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What if you could consistently create new business where there is little to no competition? In this article I’ll explain the 5 easy steps to creating new ideas that help you lead your business out of the red competitive waters and into a new space where the competition is irrelevant – your own blue ocean. […]

Cost and benefit leader michael porter quote

The Two Business Strategies: Cost Leadership and Benefit Leadership [And Where Michael Porter Missed The Mark]

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For more on creating a strategic plan for your business, check out this post and click here to download my free Strategic Planning Excel Template Michael Porter once said: Strategy 101 is about choices: you can’t be all things to all people. Porter, author of Competitive Strategy, is widely known in business circles and is thought of […]