Tesla Model 3 - An Integrative Innovation Case Study

Tesla Model 3: An Integrative Innovation Case Study

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Last week Elon Musk and Tesla made history with the unveiling of the Model 3 – a $35,000 all electric vehicle. Though the car won’t begin shipping to customers until late 2017, the announcement of the Model 3 marks an important milestone for Tesla and electric cars in general. In this post we’ll explore Tesla’s strategy […]


Apple Watch: Innovation That Starts With Why

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As the Apple Watch approaches public release multiple news outlets are reporting that demand for the heralded device is far outstripping supply. With an estimated 1 Million pre-orders booked on April 10th, the first day of selling, and an expected avalanche of additional orders expected prior to April 24th, the official launch date, Apple’s world-class […]


10 Innovation Lessons From Steve Jobs And Apple: Story of the iPhone [And The Theory of Integrative Innovation]

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By 2005, the success of the iPod was fueling a rapid rise in Apple’s status and fortunes. People across the globe were purchasing the sleek portable music players in droves, especially college and high-school students. Despite its success, Jobs was deeply concerned about the viability of the iPod business going into the future. His major […]


HTC’s One M8 Is Nice But The Future Is Wearables

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While Google, Apple and others are working furiously to build the future, HTC is trying to perfect the past. Recently HTC announced the successor to the One – its best selling phone in the company’s history – called the HTC One M8. At 90% aluminum, it’s a beautiful phone. Something anyone would love to be […]