The Manifesto

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For some, innovation is just a buzzword. For others, it’s a dream at best and a hallow aspiration at worst. For me, and probably you too, innovation is neither a buzz word nor a dream but a quest. Few things in life come close to feeling the thrill of creating something new and useful for others and seeing it improve their lives. That’s what TheInnovativeManager is all about.

This manifesto is not a one off exercise or simply another blog post, rather it is the flag of this site and an articulation of the motivating powers that drive innovators everywhere. The ideals expressed are the yearnings of a dedicated scientist, researcher, engineer, marketer or entrepreneur. They are the motive power of our effort and the intangible compensation for countless hours spent in toil, experimentation and repeated failure. These are the words of the voice that whispers to never give up and never surrender to the status quo.

The Manifesto


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