The Secrets behind apple's innovation machine

Principles from Steve Jobs that helped Apple create award-winning products:
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    Integrate, Not Disrupt. This book explains why the iPhone was so successful despite it's premium price, features and prominent predictions that it would fail.
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    10 Design Principles. The man behind Apple's industrial design and how ten timeless principles can help you design world-class products.
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    Connecting the Dots. How to create and execute a compelling customer vision for a product and avoid the trap of "me too" products that too often disappoint end users.

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About the Author

Jacob Nielson,

Ignition Framework

Jake Nielson is an award-winning product manager and thought leader in the areas of innovation, business management, marketing and entrepreneurship. He is known for his deep analysis of business issues and powerful but simple methods for driving growth in any organization. 

In 2013 Jake created as a way to share his experiences and help other business leaders transform their organizations through successful innovation management. Jake's greatest joys are spending time with his family and friends as well as helping inspire and educate others on how to create products that make a difference in the world.

In The Book, You Will Discover:


Lessons From the Creation of the iPhone

Go behind the scenes during the creation of one of the most important products ever invented. Learn the lessons that Apple executives and product designers applied while transforming their own business and bringing an entirely new industry to life.


Principles of Innovation from the iPad

The iPhone led to the development of another breakthrough product for Apple. In this book you will see the story unfold as Apple sets and executes their strategy for dominating the educational computer market.


Learn About the Device That Built Apple 2.0

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple the company was in shambles. Amid a dizzying array of mediocre products, Jobs and Jon Rubenstein began building the future of the company with the iPod. Learn the detailed story and timeless innovation principles in this book.

Learn The Principles of Innovation In This Detailed and Comprehensive Summary of Innovation at Apple

With 29 timeless lessons on innovation, you'll be prepared and inspired to transform your company just as Steve Jobs transformed Apple.

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